The first 71 days

Thanks to the joy of Inset days today marks the end of  school term the second. And that puts us 71 days into the 195 day stretch – or 36.4 per cent through the school year. So what have we all learned, apart from being able to read and write a bit more? If we’re […]

I’m a stay at home dad and proud of it

As a stay at home dad I’ve got loads of time to sit around and read blog articles while the washing and laundry pile up around me. Yeah right. But I have just read a great piece on Slouching Towards Thatcham about the author’s experience of MumsNet’s recent Blogfest, which got me thinking about how us dads are perceived. […]

Learning lines

So it’s just four weeks till nativity play time,  and having sorted out the costume we’re now at the ‘learning lines’ stage. Moo’s a sheep and doesn’t have to worry about saying anything, it’s just her job to look cute. However Woo, Year 2, is one of the Hosts and has a whole host of lines to […]