The first 71 days

Thanks to the joy of Inset days today marks the end of  school term the second. And that puts us 71 days into the 195 day stretch – or 36.4 per cent through the school year. So what have we all learned, apart from being able to read and write a bit more? If we’re […]

The end is nigh…

Just three days to go till the school Christmas holidays – hooray! It feels like a cliche to say, but it really has been a long term. It’s definitely been a busy one. Moo has settled in to the new routine nicely, and Woo pretty much picked up where she left off. Me, well I’m learning […]

Why My Little Pony?

We’ve all had our TV crushes over the year, but my girls are currently overdosing on My Little Pony. It’s not that I mind, I’m just not sure that I get it. Or that is, I didn’t get it. Until I carried out my own research on the programme. If watching cartoons for an hour […]

The daunting first post

I’ve fiddled and faddled with the aspects of the website that nobody will ever see, so finally it’s time to commit my first thoughts. I’ve been a full-time dad for three years or so, and in that time have negotiated the fun of toddler sport,  singing sessions, countless cold coffees in Costa and the usual run of […]