The first 71 days


Thanks to the joy of Inset days today marks the end of  school term the second. And that puts us 71 days into the 195 day stretch – or 36.4 per cent through the school year.

So what have we all learned, apart from being able to read and write a bit more?

  1. If we’re not downstairs with toast in the toaster by 8am, the next 30 minutes will be chaos
  2. High vis vests (part of the uniform, apparently) have a life of their own, disappearing for weeks on end before returning with no explanation on where they’ve been
  3. Despite best intentions, we don’t sit down and read with both girls every night
  4. And that’s because school is all consuming, and giving them a break from stuff from time to time pays huge dividends
  5. School dinners are fantastic. Except when they give daughter with coeliac disease sausages with gluten in them and she throws up
  6. But they’re still brilliant as making a packed lunch every morning is. so. so. so. so. boring.
  7. The school’s office manager is brilliant and our biggest ally in making it through the term
  8. Patent leather school shoes may seem tacky in September, but they’re still shining in December and I haven’t had to get the polish out once
  9. I can’t create a hairstyle that isn’t a ponytail
  10. And I can’t iron pleated skirts, despite lots of practice
  11. You can never have enough loose change for after school tat sales

I’ve also learned a lot about blogging in the last 71 days, but I still haven’t worked out if anyone is actually reading these posts, apart from Austrian Tim.

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