I’m a stay at home dad and proud of it

As a stay at home dad I’ve got loads of time to sit around and read blog articles while the washing and laundry pile up around me. Yeah right. But I have just read a great piece on Slouching Towards Thatcham about the author’s experience of MumsNet’s recent Blogfest, which got me thinking about how us dads are perceived. […]

Hooray for Hever!

Hever Castle is just down the road from us and as we have a season ticket we go there quite regularly. Despite multiple visits it’s never a dull day out. There’s always something new to see, and generally some fun activities taking place. I have to say that this weekend’s visit was amazing! Me, Moo […]

Why My Little Pony?

We’ve all had our TV crushes over the year, but my girls are currently overdosing on My Little Pony. It’s not that I mind, I’m just not sure that I get it. Or that is, I didn’t get it. Until I carried out my own research on the programme. If watching cartoons for an hour […]

Quick and easy school night meals

Yesterday was a perfect example of when one of my quick and easy school night meals was needed: Pick up from school at 3.20, home at 3.40. Friends round for a play date at 3.50. Take Woo and friend to ballet class at 4.20. Back from ballet at 5.30. Friends leave at 5.40, leaving me with two […]

Learning lines

So it’s just four weeks till nativity play time,  and having sorted out the costume we’re now at the ‘learning lines’ stage. Moo’s a sheep and doesn’t have to worry about saying anything, it’s just her job to look cute. However Woo, Year 2, is one of the Hosts and has a whole host of lines to […]