The end is nigh…

Just three days to go till the school Christmas holidays – hooray! It feels like a cliche to say, but it really has been a long term.

It’s definitely been a busy one. Moo has settled in to the new routine nicely, and Woo pretty much picked up where she left off. Me, well I’m learning to juggle school with paid work and my attempts to build this blog up.

Christmas cheer

I think I’m getting to grips with the process, but I’m definitely looking forward to the school Christmas holidays. Here’s my top five reasons why:

  1. The girls desperately need a break. Tempers are fraying and fatigue is setting in (them as well as me)
  2. No more packed lunches! I’ve almost given up on trying to make them interesting or varied. Hopefully I’ll get a packed lunch cookbook for Christmas
  3. I can turn the part of my brain off that has to remember recorders on a Thursday, sewing on a Monday, homework on a Tuesday, spellings on Wednesday. No wonder they’re tired!
  4. I won’t need to use 3rd degree interrogation tactics to find out what they’ve been doing all day (usually ‘nothing’ or ‘I can’t remember’), as I will be doing it with them.
  5. They can, generally speaking, get dressed in their own time. If we’re not downstairs dressed at 8am the rest of the morning will not implode, as per a school morning.

Bah humbug

And here’s what I’m not looking forward to:

  1. Constant chorus of ‘Dad, can we watch something?’. Believe me, sticking you in front of the TV for hours would make my life easier, but it’s not happening!
  2. Bickering over who did what to who, when and where. School’s out, which means there’s space for another six hours of sisterly squabbling each day!
  3. The mess. At least I can make slight headway with the mess while they’re at school. But when they’re home all day – forget it!
  4. The cost of cheese. We already get through a lot of cheese, but we’ll need a whole cow full to keep them going for a couple of weeks.
  5. ‘Daddy, you said…’ followed by vague promises made earlier in the day, week, month or even year.

It’s Christmas!

But it’s Christmas! So sod the five negative comments and let’s focus on the fun ones! Let me know what you’re looking forward to this Christmas holiday.



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